Elena von Grosschmid

As the daughter of an Austrian mother and a Hungarian father and with dual citizenship (Spanish/Austrian), I have had the great fortune of growing up in two worlds. I studied business administration at ICADE Madrid and ESB FH Reutlingen, worked in several countries and founded a management consultancy with my husband in Alicante 2004. With the aim of supporting Spanish companies abroad and foreign companies in Spain, our company has worked closely with industrial companies, investment funds, management consultants, public institutions and associations from a wide range of countries and sectors. In recent years, our work has been focused on construction, fall protection safety, languages, and sports. 

My passion for real estate has led to family, foreign clients and friends asking me for assistance in buying a property in Alicante.

So I came up with the idea to set up a scouting service to remove the following obstacles:

  • Buying a property on the Costa Blanca, especially from abroad, requires a lot of energy and often takes a lot of time.
  • Many things can cause problems right away: the language barrier, the peculiarities of the local real estate market, and the administrative steps that must be taken.
  • Also, and above all, the search for a high-quality property that meets demanding expectations can prove to be a real obstacle course. Even if the offer in our region is plentiful, there are great differences in the price-quality ratio which may not be immediately apparent.

That is why, and in addition to my experience and my attachment to this region and the people who live here, I decided to create Scout Costa Blanca.

Let's start the search!
See you soon, hasta pronto
Elena von Grosschmid