• Costa Blanca: perfect for playing golf
    Renowned for its pleasant climate and abundance of golf courses, players from all over make their way to Costa Blanca to enjoy a round of golf at any time of year. Situated on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, the Costa Blanca is known for its large variety of golf courses in prime condition. Embellished with breathtaking views and typical Mediterranean landscapes, it has become an international reference point for golfers. Just a stone’s throw away from the capital, you’ll find 24 courses […]
  • Alicante Digital District as a destination on the Costa Blanca
    Alicante is not just a perfect paradise for holidaymakers or retirees seeking to relax; it’s also an exciting place to enjoy a career in the flourishing digital technology industry. Innovation and digital economic opportunities abound here, making it the ideal spot to pursue professional fulfilment. The Alicante Digital District is a groundbreaking space that brings together tech companies, startups, and bright minds from all around the planet. It is the epicentre of technological transformation and the digital economy. […]
  • Countdown to the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos, El Campello
    From the 11th to the 15th of October the main fiestas in El Campello, the Moors and Christians, take place. The Moorish disembarkation  -landing of boats (*)- on Carrer de la Mar beach  and the battle in front at the same beach, on the morning of the 12th, start the most spectacular fiestas. There are many other events which mark […]
  • Modern Architecture
    Alicante is a province that is always on the forefront of new trends in all areas, including urban planning. Modern architecture takes its cues from contemporary art movements, and prioritises simplicity and functionality over ornate decoration and any classical academic composition. Through the use of new materials and technologies, modern architecture transforms buildings into simple, […]
  • Alicante, History and Gastronomy
    Alicante Central Market This municipal building contains a mix of styles, with modernist-inspired elements included in the design. The building was constructed between 1921 and 1922, and features a grand staircase flanked by ornamental elements. There is also a circular annexe with a hemispherical dome, which used to be the fire station.  You’ll find the […]
  • Country life
    Alicante is a province of Spain that is very diverse, with many different landscapes. You can go from a valley to a peak more than 1,000 metres high in just a few kilometres. There are also rocky elevations in the interior, orchards in lowlands by a river, and coastal regions. This makes for a variety of climates, always tempered by Mediterranean breezes. […]
  • Living in a Charming Village
    Alicante province is home to many beautiful, peaceful villages nestled in the mountains and coastlines. Life moves at a leisurely pace in these charming villages, which offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. These villages provide everything you need for a healthy, peaceful, and comfortable life. There is no telling when a person will find […]
  • Life in the City – Alicante
    Alicante lies practically in the middle of the province, but on the coast, in the bay between Cabo de las Huertas and Cabo de Santa Pola. As the capital with more than three hundred thousand souls, Alicante offers its visitors and residents all the characteristics of a Mediterranean city: a rich past, a beautiful old town and modern neighborhoods, as well as a fantastic street life,[…]
  • Life by the sea – long sandy beaches and small bays
    Since the 1950s, the Costa Blanca has been considered one of the most popular holiday destinations for a successful seaside holiday on the Mediterranean. Tourists from over the world flock to the area each year to enjoy its white beaches as well as its turquoise waters and beautiful coastlines. The whitewashed towns in the countryside […]