Searching for houses often takes a lot of time and all sorts of problems can arise in the process. SCOUT COSTA BLANCA will gladly take over the search for you so that you can still have fun and, above all, save time and money!

You commission me, the property finder, to find the right property for sale on the Costa Blanca for you. Real estate agents are commissioned by the owners to sell the properties at the highest possible price — that’s their job. I am a buyers’ agent, your agent, so I will act on your behalf at all times.  This is a different starting situation and requires a different, often very time-consuming approach, which I charge for — but only if I am successful.

With me as your contact person, you save yourself from getting bogged down with constant emails and calls from estate agents or being offered properties twice or three times over.

No two property searches are the same. Every client comes with a unique set of criteria specific to their property requirements.  So, even though we may be searching in an area I know like the back of my hand, we have to look at it from a new perspective — yours, not ours.

I explore every little detail of each beachside apartment, semi-detached and townhouses, city flat, property on a golf course, Mediterranean villa or plot of land in the Costa Blanca before your visit. So you can relax… while I go about finding your perfect property. I will carefully study all the options and deliver a selection put together especially for you.


How it works

Start the search request

You can begin by filling in the search profile. At no cost to you. Together we review your criteria and create a detailed description for your dream property. We have to identify together all the best locations for your particular requirements.


Only once we have defined the criteria will we start tracking down suitable properties. we visit and assess all the properties and the surroundings to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Preselection.

Property Viewing

Viewings on 1 or 2 days. We will focus your viewing time on six properties that truly fit your needs.


Negotiations and administrative steps to ensure a successful conclusion of the purchase. Signing of the public sale contract at the competent notary’s office.

Open your new window.
You are the owner of a property on the Costa Blanca.

What does a scout do? We search, find the right property, negotiate and guide you. From A to Z.
Scout Costa Blanca


  • Trust

  • Tailor-made service

  • Professionalism

  • Very high availability

  • Your project is our project

  • Open cards

  • Absolute discretion

  • You only have to pay the fee if the property is successfully sold after signing the public sale contract.

Why the Costa Blanca

There are many reasons to invest in this wonderful region.

KM Coastline
Amazing places
I am confident that there is a wonderful spot on the Costa Blanca that will become your personal paradise.
Let’s start the search!
Elena von Grosschmid
Scout Costa Blanca