Alicante Digital District as a destination on the Costa Blanca

Alicante Digital District (ADD)

Beyond its stunning beaches and radiant sunshine, this destination is also a technological haven

Alicante is not just a perfect paradise for holidaymakers or retirees seeking to relax; it’s also an exciting place to enjoy a career in the flourishing digital technology industry. Innovation and digital economic opportunities abound here, making it the ideal spot to pursue professional fulfilment.


The Alicante Digital District is a groundbreaking space that brings together tech companies, startups, and bright minds from all around the planet. It is the epicentre of technological transformation and the digital economyTechnological activities and projects can be further explored and developed in this environment, making it a perfect setting for any such endeavours. It has the distinction of having one of the most vibrant and dynamic innovation ecosystems in the Mediterranean, a hub for turning promising ideas into successful projects.

In a nutshell, ADD is an effort to attract businesses and cultivate wealth and job opportunities within the domain of new technologies. The primary aim of this initiative is to foster the growth and advancement of the Digital Economy. This initiative aims to drive a transformation of Alicante’s economic landscape, offering and facilitating access to infrastructure and services for technology companies with the goal of forming an exclusive and multi-faceted ecosystem. This space fosters the growth of established companies and start-ups, as well as encouraging collaboration amongst their stakeholders and supporting organisations.

For those companies interested in establishing themselves within the Autonomous Community of Valencia and utilising the region’s competitive advantages to develop their most innovative ideas, this is an ideal opportunity. ADD has been created for those entities that identify with its objectives and want to be part of it. It is critical for each member firm to be involved in order for Digital District to reach its full potential and form into a globally renowned technological base.


The Technology Hub’s catalogue of services includes the following:

  • the personalised welcome plan
  • continuing education, with a wide range of training courses, so that the professionals of the installed companies can expand their knowledge, thus creating a community of highly qualified talent.
  • the organisation of and participation in market-oriented technology events
  • the creation of synergies between companies is another major benefit of working in this innovation factory
  • other services to its members, such as management consultancy, to assist the company and its employees in their arrival
  • promotion of their projects
  • financing of these projects

It provides the successful bidders with well-equipped office buildings that have all the basic facilities for professional activities: electricity, water, internet, concierge, toilets, meeting rooms, audio-visual rooms, parking and office furniture.


The Digital District is located in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. In the first phase, it has four operational offices in the province of Alicante: three offices in the Agua Amarga complex, with Building I (5,600 m2 of floor space), Building II (5,900 m2 of floor space) and Building 4 (1,800 m2 of floor space), and one office in the Maritime Station of the Port of Alicante, as Building III. A fifth building is under construction at Pier 5 of the Port of Alicante, with 9,445 m2 of floor space, as well as other future headquarters throughout the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

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