Alicante, History and Gastronomy

Alicante Central Market

This municipal building contains a mix of styles, with modernist-inspired elements included in the design. The building was constructed between 1921 and 1922, and features a grand staircase flanked by ornamental elements. There is also a circular annexe with a hemispherical dome, which used to be the fire station. 

You’ll find the best produce from the sea, farms, and orchards at Alicante’s central market. This market is a must-visit for anyone interested in fresh and high-quality food. You’ll also find products from the province’s important agri-food industry, which supplies the city’s and region’s best restaurants.

When considering the history of this building, it is important to remember the horrific tragedy that occurred during the Spanish Civil War. A large plaque on the floor commemorates this event and serves as a reminder of those who lost their lives.

“On May 25, 1938, Italian planes bombed the central market of the city on the orders of Franco’s army. The resulting carnage killed more than 300 civilians, including women and children. This atrocity has been scrubbed from history, but it was bloodier than the one in Guernica.”

© Pictures from Patronato Municipal de Turismo y Playas de Alicante

Eating and drinking in Alicante

Alicante is a city with a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy. The local cuisine is based on fresh, top-quality ingredients and includes a wide variety of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. There are many different ways to prepare these dishes, ranging from stews and roasts to pies, salads and salted meats. Desserts, wines and liqueurs are also part of the culinary landscape here.

In Spain, our province is renowned for its excellent restaurants and bars, thanks to high quality raw materials and expert chefs. With 12 Michelin star eateries and over 50 with a Sol Repsol or similar accolade, it’s no wonder that we’re considered a gastronomic reference point both nationally and internationally.

There is no dish more popular than paella, made with local produce and cooked fresh each day. There are more than a hundred different recipes for paella rice all over Costa Blanca, each with a unique combination of seafood, fish, homemade sausages, vegetables, or meat.

Don’t miss out on the chance to try horchata, a refreshing and unique drink made from tiger nuts. Or sample the delicious turrón, a traditional dessert from Xixona made with almonds, honey, sugar and egg whites. This tasty treat is also available in ice cream form and is very popular.


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