Country life

Alicante is a province of Spain that is very diverse, with many different landscapes. You can go from a valley to a peak more than 1,000 metres high in just a few kilometres. There are also rocky elevations in the interior, orchards in lowlands by a river, and coastal regions. This makes for a variety of climates, always tempered by Mediterranean breezes.

The Costa Blanca is home to stunning natural scenery, with towering mountains and deep river gorges carved into the landscape. The region has a Mediterranean climate, which, combined with its north-south orientation results in an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. There are 10 parks and nature reserves dotted around the province, each showcasing different aspects of the local wildlife.

We live in a time when it is increasingly important to reconnect with family and friends, to travel and experience life, but also to connect with nature. Living in the countryside therefore means immersing ourselves in this environment, and the province of Alicante offers unique, varied and surprising landscapes for you to do so. It also boasts an impressive archaeological heritage with cave paintings and Iberian and Roman remains.

Rural life has a certain charm to it that can be hard to resist. For many, the appeal of owning a small country home in a beautiful setting is undeniable. And when it comes to choosing a location for your rural retreat, the province of Alicante in Spain is hard to beat.
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