Living in a Charming Village

Alicante province is home to many beautiful, peaceful villages nestled in the mountains and coastlines. Life moves at a leisurely pace in these charming villages, which offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. These villages provide everything you need for a healthy, peaceful, and comfortable life.

There is no telling when a person will find themselves compelled to a certain place. It could be while strolling through one of the gorgeous old towns, surrounded by medieval stone fortresses and rich with history and heritage. Or it might happen when taking in the breathtaking views from any of the many municipalities scattered across the province. A territory in which the Arab legacy is visible in many places, from the architecture to the urban landscape.

People here are friendly and welcoming, so you will quickly feel at home in your new surroundings. You can immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions and popular festivals. You can savour a traditional and healthy gastronomy, marvel at the incomparable landscapes of the Mediterranean forests, or browse through countless markets where antiques and local handicrafts are the star attraction.

Let’s take a look at some of these villages…


This village is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. The beautiful nineteenth century spa building is still standing and the surrounding pine forests create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The village is also conveniently located close to the coast and the capital but enjoys exceptional climatic conditions. In summer, the village comes alive as all the people originally from the village return for their holidays.

Alcocer de Planes

Nestled in the inland mountains, a village of Moorish origin, the white houses and terraced fields are a testament to its history. The town is located in the designation of origin of the cherry, and the main economic activity is the cultivation of this fruit. However, the greatest tourist interest in the town lies in the surrounding landscape and nature, especially the reservoir of Beniarrés. Nearby is the Barranco de la Encantada gorge, with its spectacular pools of crystal-clear water.


The town of Villajoyosa has always had strong ties to the sea. Its location on the Mediterranean coast gives it access to both deep-sea fishing and coastal fishing, and as such, it has one of the largest fishing fleets in the area. This relationship with the sea has shaped its history and culture, as maritime trade with overseas has led to the development of Villajoyosa’s other typical industry: the production of chocolate

‘The Vila’ is a place full of character and charm. In the afternoon, you can watch the public fish auctions take place. The colourful façades of the buildings are eye-catching, and they were designed that way so that sailors could see their homes from afar. The old walled city centre is definitely worth seeing, and it’s a great place to take a stroll around. You should also check out the famous Moorish and Christian festivals that are held here.

The town boasts 5 km of beautiful white sand beaches, including El Centro — where the famous Moorish landing is held during the local festivities — and El Paradís, both of which are particularly popular.

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